Schedule a call with our data experts if you want to realize a faster time to value from your data. Our engineering experts will work with you to determine the best way Treasure Data can augment your data ecosystem. Effortlessly go from data to actionable insight to result

Achieve higher ROI from your data while enabling your data scientists and engineers to get back to their real jobs. From brainstorming the architecture to facilitating the transfer of your data onto our service, we strive to be a dependable partner in your data project.


  • Need to collect billions of events from dozens of apps? Treasure Data’s managed platform can be up and running within two weeks.
  • Sleepless nights with data pipeline crises and can’t get much else done? Our expert data engineers take care of your infrastructure.
  • Do you like SQL, but dislike managing databases or schema? Treasure Data gives you event-by-event SQL access without any operational hassle.


Treasure Data is a large proponent of Open Source technology. Treasure Data is the inventor of Fluentd and the second biggest contributor to Presto, behind Facebook. Fluentd is a data collector used by thousands of companies.

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What our customers are saying

Susan Holcomb

Susan Holcomb

Head of Data Science

“In the early stages of data analysis, running many queries to understand data is important. Treasure Data has been great for that. The only tool that provided the flexibility we needed.”

Ted Cardenas

Ted Cardenas

VP of Marketing, Car Electronics

“The partnership with Treasure Data was really about the scale...Treasure Data became involved over the past year as we expanded considerably the number of vehicles we have out there collecting this data, and Treasure Data was important as we increased the market size from five or six years with tens of thousands of vehicles to now millions of data points.”

Danny Zhang

Danny Zhang


“Our engineers no longer worry about maintaining analytics infrastructure... Instead, they focus on how to use the logged data to make our products better.”