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Plug-and-Play Backend for Fluentd
By the Inventors of Fluentd

Treasure Data is an end-to-end cloud storage and analytics infrastructure for your Fluentd data.

  • Capture data from any source with Fluentd and our native SDKs
  • Store in a schemaless cloud data lake
  • Query with simple SQL using Hive, Presto or Pig syntax
  • Schedule routine transformations and batch jobs on your data
  • Push results to over 30 different BI tools and cloud storage platforms

We provide 24/7 support, and free real-time SQL advice from our engineers in our web console chat box. We’re ingesting 86 Billion data points per day from server logs, mobile apps, industrial sensors, wearables and IoT devices. We can handle your data at any scale.

We’re the inventors of Fluentd. We manage its open source community, and have built many of its most popular connectors. We provide integration support to some of its largest users.

"Time is the Most Precious Asset in our fast moving industry, and Treasure Data has saved us a lot of it"
Julian Zehetmayr, CEO & Founder, Mobfox

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