This guide will walk you through the setup and integration of Apache Kafka and Fluentd so you can centralize your data across data sources flexibly and reliably.

In our guide, we'll walk you through the following:

  • Prerequisites for setting up Kafka from source
  • Installing Java, Zookeeper and Kafka
  • Stubbing producers and consumers and creating Kafka topics
  • Sending and receiving messages
  • Setting up and configuring Fluentd and building Fluentd consumer for Kafka

Download our Treasure Data Kafka guide and get up and running - on Kafka AND analytics - in minutes!

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What our customers are saying

Ted Cardenas

Ted Cardenas

VP of Marketing, Car Electronics

“The partnership with Treasure Data was really about the scale...Treasure Data became involved over the past year as we expanded considerably the number of vehicles we have out there collecting this data, and Treasure Data was important as we increased the market size from five or six years with tens of thousands of vehicles to now millions of data points.”

Danny Zhang

Danny Zhang


“Our engineers no longer worry about maintaining analytics infrastructure... Instead, they focus on how to use the logged data to make our products better.”