Fluentd: Best kept secret to unify logging on AWS, Docker, GCP and more
Fluentd is the most popular open source data collector. It enables thousands of companies like Snapchat and Nintendo to collect streaming event data from mobile apps, websites, server logs, IoT devices and more; while sending it to over 475 different output destinations at once. The largest Fluentd deployment processes more than 10 million events per second across 1,000+ servers. Learn how you can deploy the same architecture in under 30 minutes from one of Fluentd’s core contributors.
This webinar will cover:
  • Common design patterns and best practices for data collection
  • The unified logging layer concept and why you should use it
  • Fluentd’s internal architecture
  • A live demo for Fluentd integration
Some of the thousands of companies using Fluentd:

About the Speaker:

Kazuki Ota is Treasure Data’s CTO and co-founder. He is also the founder of the Japanese Hadoop User Group. Kaz is an acknowledged expert on distributed and parallel computing, and combines his knowledge of these technologies and Hadoop with the conviction that the service model is the only way to bring big data analytics to the mass market.

September 30, 2015
10:00AM PDT

"We use Fluentd to collect massive data logs for our platforms. Having developed a system based on Fluentd, we are now effectively monitoring and analyzing our services in real-time. We are very much satisfied with its flexibility, especially how easy it is to use in tandem with other systems."

Taisuke Kawahara, Software Engineer@Nintendo
[email protected]
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