Move data from MySQL to Redshift with a single click
If you are moving data from MySQL to Redshift, then you came to the right place.
  1. Sharded MySQL Clusters aren't scaling: You have to move all historical data to Redshift at scale, and you can't lose data in the process.

  2. Peridically dumping transactional data in MySQL to Redshift: In order to analyze hourly or daily snapshots of your customers in Redshift, you need to set up a scheduled workflow.

In either case, the task of building a reliable, scalable and robust data migration pipeline takes time. Yes, you can do it on your own using tools like AWS Pipeline or Luigi + custom scripts.

But there is an easier way: Use Treasure Data's MySQL and Redshift Connectors. In this webinar, you will learn:
  1. Challenges to expect when migrating from MySQL to Redshift (type conversions, network failures, etc.)

  2. The need for data transformation between MySQL and Redshift and possible solutions

  3. How Treasure Data helps you meet both 1 and 2

  4. Live technical demo migrating data from MySQL through Treasure Data to Redshift

The webinar is scheduled to be 30 minutes. The space is limited, so sign up NOW.
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About the Speaker:

John Hammink (@rijksband) is an Open Source evangelist and an 18+ year industry veteran.   Living and traveling internationally, he's taught, evangelized, built community and engineered across a wide range of companies and technology stacks including Skype (as a start-up), F-Secure, Mozilla and currently Treasure Data.  He's fascinated with digital art based on large data sets and is looking for ways to reinvent data visualization.  He has previously travelled and evangelized/spoken extensively for Skype and Mozilla.
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"We've been very happy with Treasure Data's Redshift Connector. It allows us to make the best use of Redshift's capabilities."

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