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Tired of Kissmetrics' Data Quality or Pricing?
Hint: I am not telling you to replace Kissmetric. I am telling you to augment it.

Kissmetrics is a great analytics tool. It allows you to track customer events flexibly and analyze them through beautifully designed dashboard in real-time.

However, like all other good tools, it has limitations. While Treasure Data can't address all of them, some of them can be addressed by combining Kissmetrics with Treasure Data.

1. Data Quality and "Rewriting the Past"

Some users have complained about Kissmetrics' data quality issue. To be fair, data quality issues occur in any analytics tools. The problem is that most analytics tools do not give you an easy way of fixing them, including Kissmetrics.

Treasure Data can help you here because we give access to raw event data with SQL interface. You can...

  • Add a new data field to historical data

  • Normalize data fields

  •  Convert IP addresses to country codes, etc.

2. Advanced Analytics

Mixpanel makes it easy to ask a few questions quickly: user segmentation, cohort analysis, A/B testing. However, the moment you want to ask your own question, you are stuck with the beautiful dashboards.

This is where Treasure Data can complement Kissmetrics. Treasure Data gives you SQL access to all your data without worrying about data schema. If you felt that Kissmetrics' Segmentation feature is a bit limiting, it's time to give Treasure Data a shot.

3. Pricing

Kissmetrics is not cheap. At 20 million events a month, you have to pay 2,000 USD/month. If you are a growing business, you can easily hit the 20 million/month limit easily, especially if you start tracking multiple events per user (which, by the way, is exactly what you should be doing to understand your customer).

Treasure Data is completely free for 10 million events a month. We are built for scale from day one, and that's why our customers track more than 60 billion events per day.

Last but not least, here is the best news: you can use Treasure Data with Kissmetrics.

  • Using Fluentd, you can log the same events to both Treasure Data and Kissmetrics.

  • If you want to export historical data from Kissmetrics to Treasure Data, you can do it with several clicks (If you have tried exporting data from Kissmetrics, you know that this is money).

If you give us a shout, we'd love to show you a demo of how all this works.

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